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On inhibition of anonymity...

Evolutionary theory makes the most sense and thinking of it in absolute terms, being social enhances ones sustainability and chances of propagating his or her genes. Therefore, I with pride, say that, our social acceptance and ways of enhancing it is ingrained in us. I say with pride, because it might not be the case, but I personally want it to be the case. And I continue by saying that what others think of us, that is to say what we perceive of what others perceive of us, is valuable to us and to that extent, we place our actions in social groups accordingly. I feel strongly that social acceptance has been affecting what I wrote VS what I should have written.

“Lie to all but never to yourself”

I do care what others think of this blog, doesn’t matter the anonymity, I have figured through reflection. In the past, I have tried to get others to know of this blog, telling myself that it is to attract like minded people for discussion and validation purpose. But that’s not what I gained at all. What I gained is vanity, treating this blog like a priced possession, one that is not common. Something different, something that I want others to know of for they don’t have it..

But deep down, or another level so to speak, I care more about visualizing the depiction after the last star than my social stigma. Therefore, I would continue with the original purpose of these writings, hiding the newer thoughts from all, a safe and accessible copy of what comes from my brain and heart.

And in time I hope, apart from clarifying my own juxtaposition, a dear friend would come along to help me and tell me if I’m wrong or to validate it.

– theboxtroll