MathJax example

On me, myself...

me: Hey! Whats up?

myself: ummm. I don’t know. You tell me.

me: I asked you first.

myself: Why ask me? You should know that.

me: Why?

myself: Cuz you’re me.

me: hmmm. Makes sense. Weird how I can refer myself.

myself: psss. It’s because you, I mean I can think.

me: What ‘think’?

myself: ‘consciousness’ bro. Like you don’t know.

me: I don’t know.

myself: hmmm. Why are we doing this again?

me: hmmm. I’ve been thinking.

myself: Told ya.

me: Calling it ‘thinking’ for sake of convenience. Whatever that is.

myself: -_-

me: Not thinking about how I think. But rather, now that I think, why I think what I think.

myself: Yeeaaah no. You’re confusing me.

me: Exactly! I’m confused.

myself: What do you suggest?

me: A coherent description of life i.e, ‘my version of the story’.

myself: What good will that do?

me: Well, first I admit I know nothing. This coherent description will definitely be based on and biased to my past experiences, basically what I’ve learnt added to what my genes knew. Well, nature is the way she is, no matter how I perceive the world around me. Let’s call it ‘the original story’. Now once I’m aware of ‘my version’, throughout the remainder of my life, as more and more is found out about ‘the original one’, I should be able to put at least some of the pieces together. Hence, a little less confusion.

myself: A little less you say, after all this.

me: A little less. ‘the original one’ will remain incomplete for ages I believe.

myself: ehh. It’s going to take time.

me: I can’t think of anything better to do.

myself: Well, now that you’ve said that, neither can I. You should get out more.

me: (puppy face)

myself: Fine.

me: Yeessumm.