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On the fact that nature is the way she is...

me:, as the earth cooled down and water covering the surface, with ammonia, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, things were left pretty much to their own devices. Now since all things tend to a stable state, chance reactions occurring on the surface of earth resulted in a product if it was more stable than the previous configuration, else disintegrated into the components. UV rays of sun provided an ample external source of energy for such reactions to occur. One such chance reaction resulted in a product with a special property, affinity to like things and a tendency to multiply. And so began life with the 'gene' in ever more intricate survival machines having traits that were desirable for survival of the genes.

myself: Ahhh! So that is how life started.

me: No

myself: (blink blink)

me: You see. This is my, I mean our, I mean my version of the story. Remember the selfish gene theory we, I mean I read about.

myself: Ohh. Yes. This is it isn't it.

me: Correct. You see, I know about a couple of other versions of how life started but this makes the most sense to me.

myself: Ahh! So this is how you've come to believe how life started.

me: Yes!

Before one even starts to ponder about questions like infinity of universe, existence of life, its meaning or even judging a person, one should be well aware of the biases involved in ones thinking. The other day I asked my kid sister pointing at the sky that what is it that she thinks is that yellowish ball. She said its the Sun and for some reason she believed that it is smaller than the place we live. I told her that actually it is much bigger than the place we live. She resisted the idea and had she been any older and stronger, she would've thrashed me. But things cooled off with a race back to home. A simple case of differences in opinions. An extreme one being that although the Earth revolves around the Sun even though there was a time when some people believed otherwise going around and charging people for heresy for not conforming to their own beliefs. All this is pretty obvious that individuals opinions are biased to their experiences. So an obvious tie breaker to such absurd differences would be a person who knows it all, the most prominent scientist on earth perhaps, or the greatest theologian. But even then their opinions would be biased to the collective knowledge of all of humans. And nature will remain the way she is.