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On the life of Tony...

Like none others, in Tony you see a wise demeanor, that of experience. One who has seen it all. A loner. He's come of age, and nothing would bother him. For he has experienced all ups and downs knows well the fallacy in craving for things to happen otherwise.

My dad befriended him first, feeding him during the afternoon, a time when Tony would knock on our door or just walk in, as if his own home, we didn't dare to tell him otherwise. But soon he became part of family. But we live in a small house with limited space. So were it to be so that Tony was a female, then Tony would have replaced my sister. Since Tony was a male, my status in the family was a bit in doubt but him being old and wise, he was finally acknowledged to have a seat next to my father as his brother. So Tony was an uncle to me.

My mother detested him in the beginning and would try to shoo him off in the beginning, and shoo off he wouldn't. But once there was a gap of 3 days Tony didn't show up, my mother acknowledged her worries. She cared about him in her own way I guess. But during my last days at home, Tony seemed like bearing something heavy to his mind more and more. Then when my parents left home for a week to drop me off and upon coming back, my mother told me Tony hasn't been seen again.

Does he think he was forsaken? He was not. Is he angry with us? We can make it up if he comes back. But he doesn't. I actually think about him a lot. Deep down I do know what must've happened. You don't really know what you've got till its gone. Its the nature of life, all that is living today must cease to be that way one day, but its the one aspect I can never get used to. Loosing someone from one's life is the hardest thing we must deal with, and just nothing can prepare us for it. It makes me ponder what's important in life, what's really important. Anyways, I hope he is at peace now.