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On your version of the story...

So. You’ve existed for a while now. You have your experiences, your memories, your coherent thinking. And your coherent thinking must perceive the world around you based on your experiences. You have inquired haven’t you? Inquired about things around you, about life, about the world, the universe.

So what’s your version of the story?

Does it involve a turtle carrying the world? Or does it involve God? Or Gods? Or perhaps your version is bio-centric. Maybe spiritual. Maybe not. Does it cite big-bang, or M-theory? It might be convoluted. Nevertheless, it is there isn’t it. And never mind the person perception of what it says for it is absolutely true. True to your experiences. And their story true to theirs. We’re all unique aren’t we. So what is it?

Mail it to me at and I’ll post it on the blog. Anonymity, yes/no, your choice.